About Knight & Rose

I'm Rosamund Knight, the creative force behind Knight & Rose. I have always had a passion for textiles and sewing, leading my mother to despair when I was a preteen in the 90's, making hair scrunchies and cutting up my favourite dresses to see if I could remake them!

When the textiles department in my secondary school closed down, I was absolutely devastated, and focused my creativity on painting. This led me to study fine art at the University of Chichester, where I was once again drawn to textiles, painstakingly folding pieces of organza, satin, cottons and shiny polyesters to then depict on canvas with oil paint, as I loved the visual effect of light playing on the fabrics. I learnt a lot about the different qualities of fibres and weaves whilst studying, and put this to use when designing garments now. Some of these paintings are hung around my home, and you will see them when you visit my home studio.

Once I graduated, I invested heavily into returning to my true passion, dressmaking, and am proud to have become the skilled dressmaker I am today. To have the ability to sense what a customer wants, and then create it, gives me immeasurable joy.

I get emotionally invested with all my designs and I absolutely love working with you to create something beautiful and unique. It's extremely satisfying to see a client put on a final garment that fits them perfectly, and makes them so incredibly happy.